Daniel Stidham

President and Founder - Stidham Financial Services

Mr. Stidham was born in Arkansas,and has grown up as a proud lifelong citizen of the state, where he headquarters his business. He is the son of Dan Stidham, a District Court Judge, and Kim Hamilton Roddy, a Nurse Practitioner, working in their hometown. He is the oldest of four siblings and enjoys the responsibility that comes with being an older brother.

Upon graduation from Arkansas Tech University, where he studied behavioral sciences and played football, Mr. Stidham spent his first five years in business managing a team of professionals for AIG in Northeast Arkansas. Stidham Financial Services now works with multiple professionals and institutions to ensure that all clients are given access to the best tools, and the best people, available industry wide in a manner that best fits their unique situations.

Mr. Stidham and his staff take pride in helping people and families grow their wealth by protecting it from many different kinds of risk . He bases his company on understanding and meeting the financial goals of each client, knowing that no two are the same. During your free consultation, a wide array of little known plans and strategies will be explained.

Daniel and Stidham Financial Services have access to an extensive network of the top professionals in their fields. This ensures that he can tailor the perfect solution for you, no matter where you are in the country or in life. One such partnership, that he is most proud of, is with Robert Hall of Affinity Advisory Services. Daniel and Robert are good friends who have enjoyed working together for 6 years to take on some of the most complex and urgent planning problems, and craft creative solutions, that protect the life's work of retirees to give them the peace of mind that they deserve in their retirement years. Mr. Stidham enjoys having offices in multiple states, and working with clients all across America. We welcome you to join our family and learn about our many options!

When Mr. Stidham is not discovering the latest financial options to help meet your goals, his life is dedicated to his loving family with his wife Angie. They have four beautiful children Olivea, Kailey, Miles and Ava Mae. Daniel’s favorite part of his job is the close personal relationship formed with each client. As the third generation of his family living in his local community, Mr Stidham understands the importance of making sure that your family's legacy is protected both now, and for generations to come.

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