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We understand that post-retirement can be a scary time when it seems like more money is going out than is coming in. Without a plan, you are at risk of spending all you have accumulated over your lifetime. We are experienced at preserving your assets for your spouse, family, and future generations.

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The specific financial strategies we employ not only protect your assets from the reach of assisted living and nursing home facilities, but also from Estate recovery efforts of the state and federal government. We help you keep what you have earned and use all the benefits you have paid into over your lifetime.

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Affinity Advisory Network has done the due diligence and built a network of 25 different law firms that understand the specific type of planning that we are able to provide. When you work with Affinity, you will be assigned a fiduciary. This attorney will work with your best interests in mind and will only share information with the other professionals in the Affinity network with your permission. With this arrangement, you will be in total control when it comes to how every penny of your Estate is distributed. We help you preserve, protect, and distribute your estate so your legacy lives on.

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Multidisciplinary Professional Network

Affinity Advisory Network, LLC is a network of professionals acting together for the overall benefit of each client. Some of the professionals within the network work directly for Affinity while others maintain a separate and independent license. In the end, all professionals are working together to substantially improve your life from a financial perspective.

Our network consists of Financial Advisors, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Accountants, Real Estate professionals, VA Accredited Claims Agents, and Attorneys.

With permission of the client, all of these professionals can discuss with each other the specifics of the solutions as they are being built for the client to make sure potential liabilities have been uncovered and mitigated. Each customized retirement and estate plan is designed to meet the client’s needs during the accumulation, preservation, and distribution phases of life.

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